We support educational excellence and opportunities for the students and educators of the Bremerton School District.

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About Us

Our History

In 2004, the Bremerton Schools and Alumni Foundation gave its first $1,000 scholarship, funded by the Bremerton Alumni class of 1952. Over its twelve year history the Foundation's accomplishments include establishing an endowment that has grown to over $500,000, and placing over $232,000 in scholarships and grants.  By any measure, the Foundation is a great success.

Our Continued Mission

Today, the Bremerton Schools and Alumni Foundation continues to ask for support from the business community, alumni and residents to ensure the healthy education of our students. Please help to bring more opportunities and inspiring programs that give Bremerton students the tools they need to lead and succeed in our ever changing world. Helping students succeed helps our community.

Student Scholarships

Every year the scholarship committee is impressed by the fortitude, ambition, and achievements of Bremerton graduates. Create your own endowment or add to ours:

  • Bremerton High School Alumni Fund
  • Bremerton Schools and Alumni Foundation General Vocational and Academic Scholarships
  • Holli Shin Scholarship Fun
  • Kirk Olympian Endowment
  • Ryan Scholarship Fund
  • Toyota Ending in Change in memoriam of Chuck Haselwood Scholarship
  • William Turnbull Memorial Fund

Our Board

Russ Hartman, President
Aimee Gordon
Bill Richardson, Treasurer
Jonee Dubos
Jane Baker
Melissa Anderson, President-Elect
Art Lovestedt
Julie Wasserburger, Secretary

Help Our Cause

Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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